Our Programmes

Our Programmes

Welcome to Shiny Star Early Education Centre is the second service we developed, owned and operated by Shiny Star Pty Ltd. Followed by the success of our first service Maher St Cottage Child Care Centre in Hurstville Grove.

Shiny Star Early Education Centre is established in late 2019 and managed by Nikki Han from early 2020. We provide educational care for children from 1 year to 6 years, licensed for 32 children. We aim to provide a home like environment, so children learn and develop while they are feeling secured and comfortable. We support families looking after their children 52 weeks a year exclusive public holiday.

Specialist classes:

We believe in taking advantage of opportunities wherever possible to invite the community into the service to enhance children’s learning. Hence we invites specialists visiting our centre on weekly basis to provide children additional learning opportunities and programme.

We welcome parents’ contribution into our curriculum so families can share their culture, knowledge and participate in learning experiences with the children in their preschool environment. We invite and encourage families’ contribution to the program, events, policies, and practices.

School readiness programme:

Our ready to school programme plays as foundation between the early childhood education and the first year of the formal learning in schools. It is inspiring the approach to the early childhood education. At Shiny Star Early Education Center we believe that children are curious creative, capable and competent learners. Literacy and numeracy learning experiences are both embed into our daily programming which is the skilled based learning supported by topic such as shapes, colors, self awareness, alphabets and etc. Our program supports children not only to be familiar with the alphabet but also knowing the pronunciation, the use of it, and practice writing independently, as well as for children to be familiar with spelling of some words and writing them independently.