Hi Dear families,

Hope you are well, healthy and calm.

As there’s continuing growing of the concerns on Covid-19. I would like to highlight some of the precautions that Shiny Star Early Education Centre is current taking on as we getting through this pandemic.

  1. First of all I would like to highlight the important role of mask playing in this pandemic. As I always suggest our families that we should always wear a mask when we going out into public, when you believe or unsure about if you could maintain the social distance. When the social distance is hardly to be remained, wearing mask is an effective way to protect you and others. Imagining someone is coughing in or not applying the social distance, their mask will keep the germs the best inside of their own mask, at the same time if you are with mask, it becomes the second prevention for you to possibly being disposed in the germs/virus that the other people is carrying on. wearing masks is recommended now by the State Premier and NSW Public Health Unit. Please do so when you have concerns of social distance.
  2. As there are some cases around Hurstville area, I would like to alert our parents that when you going out in public, assume that there is people that possibility carrying the virus. By not panicking our parents. I would suggest do not go to large parties, venues, do not go into an area that is very busy. Assuming people around you are sick would play a incredible role as reminding you practice your best hygiene practices and remind you of sanitizing your hands all the time.
  3. Centre has some children’s mask available, we will be giving single mask each time when you request, on the other hand we will also leave a children’s mask available in your child’s bag, so each of the children are protected when needed.
  4. Staff members are encouraged to wear masks during their shift time.
  5. Staff members please do temperature check on Kinderloop, so it’s available for parents and me when we are not in centre to track the temperature.
  6. Children’s hygiene practices will be reinforced and to practice more frequently while they are attending our centre.
  7. Responsible person will be using ethanol spray to disinfect common touched surface more frequently.
  8. Children will be encouraged to sit in their social distance square when they are eating.
  9. Although early education settings and school settings are not required to maintain social distance. Staff members please try your best to practice your social distance.
  10. I understand that none of you have been travelled to other states or in cruise. However if you are going to travelled and you will be taking on cruise, please inform us. We appreciate your time and information that provided to protect our families attending our centre.
  11. For all stakeholders: In any circumstances that you are told to isolate yourself or if you are asked to join in the Covid test, please inform us immediately.

Children are closely supervised that any toys put in their mouths will be removed and disinfected straight way.

Shiny Star Admin Team