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Welcome to

Shiny Star Early Education Centre

Where everyone has the opportunity
to reach for the stars as they sparkle

in their own way

About Us

Shiny Star Early Education Centre is family owned and operated. We aim to provide a secure and happy environment where children can develop their skills to become confident and involved learners.

We are dedicated to ensuring that each child’s health and safety needs are met through the implementation of operative hygiene practices. Our philosophy guides our interactions and relationships with children. We aim to ensure all educators develop positive relationships with children based on respect and fostering children’s self-esteem and development.

Centre Philosophy



There are many benefits of expressing ourselves including the development of a child's strong identity, self confidence and sense of belonging.



Kindness can boost our feeling of happiness and optimism and gratitude. It supports our connections to ourselves and others.



Adults need to be coregulators to support children to regulate their own behaviour by allowing children to share how they are feeling.



Growth and learning new things about ourselves and others can create feelings of motivation. It gives as an increase in life satisfaction and belief in ourselves.



Being responsible is crucial to ensure we don't live with shame, regret or guilt. It allows us to be more honest and joyful.



Curiosity makes our minds active. It can be linked to happiness, health and positive connections.

Contact Us

123 Croydon Rd, Hurstville

(02) 9570 1774

0466 663 624

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What Parents Think

The educators build wonderful relationships with their children, are supportive & nurturing. We have never had a single issue, have loved watching our boy have lots of fun, make friends & learn new skills. They work hard to maintain a lovely community & put lots of effort into special events & occasions. We could not recommend shiny star hurstville any more highly.👍👍👍👍👍👍

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